Why choose Black

Are you secretive or intrigued by mystery and the power control brings with it? Then Black is the colour for you. From the world of empower yourself with colour psychology, black implies independence, strong will and absorbs negative energy. Black is most often recognised as the colour of sophistication. Affluent and successful women choose black […]

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Get your home ready for Sale

Top Tips for getting your home ready for sale De-Clutter! Let the light in! Jazz up your bathroom and guest loo with stylish colours Clean and un-clutterd kitchens matter on Inspection and Sale Day If you can, keep your pet away from the property on inspection day It doesn’t take much thought, imagination or great […]

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Bathroom co-ordinates

We love colour and look favourably on bright colour coordination in bathrooms.  It takes very little effort to refresh a bathroom and make it feel like new again, a place to relax, ditch the days stresses and revel in your fragrant bubble bath whilst sipping wine and enjoying the atmosphere you have created.  Create a […]

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Sexy Paper Photo Shoot

We have always seen everyone else in Europe and Canada telling us how they create sexy toilet paper photo shoots, and now we have achieved our very own right here in Australia. Depicting “sexy” in toilet paper is not an easy achievement, however in saying that,  we believe our team achieved some awesome imagery from […]

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Beautiful You Australia Expo Coupon

Yes, you will receive a 20% discount off your ticket purchase simply by quoting our Coupon Code for the Beautiful You Australia Expo being held for the first time ever in Melbourne 13 and 14 September 2014. Get close and personal with the quality and luxury of Renova’s sexiest paper in the world.  We will […]

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