Tips for Cleaning a Toilet

Toilet Cleaning – The ultimate clean We came across this article today and thought it really great to include the tips for giving your loo the ultimate clean.Seriously, this must be one of the worst jobs to undertake especially when our men don’t quite aim as straight as they should. Elena Peters does a really good job at taking your toilet cleaning to the next level.We include her quote here, however please feel free to click on her name above to re-direct to the website.

What you will need:

1. Squirt a generous amount of cleaner under the lip then use a toilet brush to spread the product around the toilet bowl. Let the product sit a while until you have completed the rest of your toilet clean.

2. Remove clips that hold the toilet seat. Using a screwdriver, carefully lift the tabs on the clips to reveal the plastic screws. Rotate the screws counterclockwise using the screwdriver whilst using the other hand to keep the screws from rotating underneath. Take note that it will probably be wet and sticky on the underside. Separate the screws/clips from the toilet seat.

3. Remove the plastic, egg-shaped bolt covers from the bottom of the toilet. (They cover the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor).Bowl with cleaning liquid for toilet

4. Place the screws, the bolt covers and any other small pieces in a small container. Pour in cleaning vinegar until items are completely submerged. Add one tablespoon of baking soda. Let sit.

5. Clean the toilet seat with your favourite cleaner in the laundry sink. For the lovely scent, I like to use Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Tub & Tile Lavender Cleaner Spray.Use a pipe cleaner, toothbrush or a wet wipe wrapped around a screwdriver to clean the round holes around the clips. Dry using paper towels/old rag or microfibre cloth and set aside.Getting to tight spaces to clean a toilet

6. Use a screwdriver or putty knife with a wet wipe to get in between the bowl and the tank. Be careful not to use too much force and make sure your tool is always covered by your wet wipe so you don’t scratch your toilet.

7. Starting from the top, working all the way down to the floor, spray your whole toilet down with your favorite cleaning solution and wipe down. Make sure to get in every crevice and underneath the holes the screws were in.

8. Spray the area between the toilet and the floor and wipe.

9. Holding a wet wipe, clean the supply water line from tank to floor, including the shut off valve.

10. If your toilet is close to a wall, you will have to wash that too. Be careful to test a small, inconspicuous area with any product you are going to use on your painted walls for discolouration before you go spraying the whole area. The best solutions are the homemade ones without harsh chemicals.

11. The product in the bowl should have done most of the work for you by now. Scrub the inside of the bowl well. Flush.

12. If your bowl is extremely discoloured, you may need this extra step. Turn off water supply to toilet. Flush so that the toilet bowl is empty. Using toilet paper or paper towels, line the inside of the bowl. Spray household cleaning vinegar to hold in place. You may have to leave overnight depending on how stubborn the stains are. Be sure to remove the toilet paper or paper towels and throw them in the garbage. Do not flush! You could clog your toilet. Don’t forget to turn the water supply back on.

13. Check on your screws and bolt covers. Are they clean? You may need to use an old toothbrush to scrub away any residue the vinegar and baking soda solution wasn’t able to get rid of. Rinse and dry.

14. Re-attach the toilet seat and bolt covers.15. Keep you bathroom smelling nice in between deep cleans with an Air Wick Scented Oil in Lavender plug in deodorizer.