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November 2015

Block Win Shay and DeanBlock-Winners-4x6-Lpsw

Shay and Dean were not frugal designing their bathroom luxurious black toilet paper instead of boring old white.

Shay and Dean are the Winners of The Block 2015.

By having the confidence to go ‘all the way’ and including Renova Australia’s black 3ply toilet paper, they achieved the title of  The Most Expensive Bathroom on the Block and were crowned champions of The Blocktagon

CONGRATULATIONS SHAY AND DEAN you wiped the other contestants out. Well done!

Dean and Shay’s top-level terrace earned the most profit, selling for a huge $2.3 million – $655,000 above its reserve of $1.645 million.  The high school sweethearts will pocket that profit plus another $100,000 for winning.

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Banner-the-blockThey WIN again and black toilet paper is right behind them!

Dean and Shay’s winning guest bedroom and en suite – The Block 2015 

Shay and Dean have made their presence known in The Block Triple Threat, winning for the second week in a row with their stand-out rooms.


THE BLOCK : Triple Threat

The Tenth season is on us and coloured toilet paper is once again featuring in this season.

WATCH OUT BLOCKHEADS to see what colours you can spot.

TP-Red-Label-all-rolls-psw-400Darren and Deanne Jolly from former The Block: Glasshouse are back to challenge former fan favourites Bec and George Douros and Perth’s Kim Owen and Matt Di Costa for one spot for returning players in the 2015 competition. Six teams of new players will contest a number of challenges, before being whittled down to a final three, who will then go on to renovate an apartment block in South Yarra, with the surviving fan favourite couple

Former contestant Dan Reilly also returned from seasons 5 and 6, but this time as apprentice foreman, or ‘foreboy’ under Keith Schleiger. He was a qualified carpenter, and became a qualified builder before he applied for the role. He was also brought in to ease the workload on Keith Schleiger, who was reported to be sick and exhausted by the end of the last series