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The paper towels makes my kitchen look very festive. The green adds this nice touch of colour.

I like to try new colours and this stuff really made my kitchen and bathroom pop.

All in all, I’m very happy with the Renova products. The colour that they added to my kitchen and bathroom just seemed to brighten up the rooms. Amy

I have had the chance to use and try all of the products. I noticed the quality of the products is above most. I found I did not have to use as much, especially so for the paper towel. It held up great against my kids’ spills and household messes. The toilet tissue was soft and not harsh at all. It was also cute that it is red especially for the holidays!

I would recommend these products for sure and they look great too!!  -Melissa

The bathroom is a very dreary place and there is usually a lack of colour in there, but with the Renova toilet paper, I liked how it gave our bathroom a splash of colour. Although the quality of the toilet paper was not my favourite, I liked how it looked in the bathroom. I may not use the Renova toilet paper regularly, but I would put it in our guest bathroom and have it impress our guests.

Honestly, I LOVE the concept of Renova’s eye catching, colour popping paper products, but I don’t think it would be something I would normally buy and use in my home. I like most of the products quite well, but with the cost factored in, it is quite the splurge. With that said, I would consider buying some of these paper products for the guest rooms/bathrooms if I am having guests staying over with us. I think the colour of these paper products would surprise and impress them. Jeannie

These looked and felt like much more expensive products than they actually are. While more expensive than my everyday brands, they certainly add colour to mundane products and I’ll be sure to use them when I entertain!  I really liked the way they felt, soft yet sturdy, up to the task at hand.

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