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Here you will find numerous options to purchase single coloured toilet paper rolls from Renova Australia.

One option is to purchase a single top quality coloured toilet roll, maybe to try out a colour or just experience the luxury of coloured toilet paper in your home.

Occasionally single toilet rolls become available to purchase that may be very slightly damaged.  Usually it is only the core of the toilet roll that is slightly damaged which allows us to offer these rolls to our clients at discounted prices.

Check when you are choosing your colour whether it is Top Class or Minimally Damaged.

Compliment your toilet by including a Renova colour into your styling.  Guaranteed to elevate your bathroom to a touch of the modern fresh new look.

Manufactured under high controls. The toilet tissue is exceptional quality and doesn’t bleed onto your skin. Safe to use for its intended purpose.

Renova toilet paper has hues that are effective colours to compliment an elegant ‘out of the ordinary’ bathroom. Show off Blue and bring a Caribbean feel into your home for instance.

Disclaimer: Colours shown on screen may not represent the true colour of your toilet paper.

Available in our shop are luxury 3 roll and 6 roll packs. View Now

Benefits of the colour blue in your bathroom

Blue in the bathroom represents water and is an exceptionally beneficial bathroom colour to have. It cleanses and purifies and mixed with white is a symbol of purity and cleanliness

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