MKR Tea Towel

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My Kitchen Rules Tea Towel

The MKR Tea Towel information

100% Cotton

Cold Machine Wash Only

Measures approx 76cm L x 50cm W


A perfect gift for anyone who loves MRK or delights in owning a unique tea towel.

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  2. Don’t Do Mistake: Going overboard
  3. Important to avoid Mistake: Not paying attention to your budget
  4. MISTAKE: Starting the work before you have a complete plan
  5. Movement Mistake: Not Leaving any wiggle room for Murphy’s Law

One very common mistake homeowners make when renovating their kitchen is starting work on the cabinets and counter tops before the appliances are chosen. The space needed for the stove or refrigerator should be precise, so it’s a good idea to choose the appliances that you’re going to have in your new kitchen, and then make sure the rest of the plans accommodate them. Likewise, make sure that every aspect of the kitchen is measured twice or thrice, so that you don’t end up with a shiny new stove that is one inch wider then the cabinets allow for. Read More

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