Lavender Pocket Tissues

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Lavender Pocket Tissues

Lavender Pocket Tissues have 6x individually packaged sachets per pack.

Your Pack Consists Of:

  • Renova Lavender Scented Sniff Tissue Pack
  • 6x individual sachets per pack
  • 10x tissues per sachet = 60x Tissues
  • Tissues are soft and pure white

Lavender pocket tissues the sensation of wellbeing

These sniff tissues reflect Renova’s innovative uniqueness. Offering you a range of tissues with aromatic properties for instance.  Lavender aroma may give you calming sensations. Therefore it is a great product to have when you need it most.

With the highly elaborate, carefully studied fragrances, Renova Aroma is for consumers of the new century and places science at the top of well-being.

Also available with a Sandalwood Aroma

Pocket tissues fit snugly in your handbag, purse and jeans pocket. Thus they are easy and convenient to get to when you need a tissue.

These Renova aromatic tissues own their lavender fragrance. They are therefore ideal for a runny nose. This is a highly elaborate, carefully studied fragrance because Renova cares about well-being.

Lavender can give you a sense of well-being. A great product to have when you need it most.

These lavender packs also offer a small business the opportunity of including them as a free gift. They are well priced and add a real sense of imagination when combined with another product you are selling. They are small, thus there is no additional postage cost involved.

Sniff tissues are handy to have with you wherever you go. You never know when an occasion arises and you need a tissue quickly. In some cases it is great to be able to offer someone else a tissue quickly. Especially an aromatic tissue.

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