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Hot Pink Toilet Paper Is Awesome

No toilet paper product can be as popular as our Hot Pink 6 roll toilet tissue packs. Manufactured by Renova the paper is tested under dermatological and gynaecological controls. Hot Pink is a versatile colour in your bathroom especially when accompanied by bath towel what contain similar tones.

The colour is ideal for a bathroom area and works well with natural and restful hues. Hot Pink offers up a heavy dose of fresh, modern, and trendy inspiration.

Why our toilet paper is awesome

This is a luxury brand from Renova, known worldwide for producing outstanding colored bathroom toilet tissue paper that enhances a youthful creativity in the smallest room in your home.

Your Toilet Roll Pack consists of:

6x Rolls Hot Pink Toilet Paper
3 Ply base sheet
Biodegradable and Recyclable
Lightly perfumed
100% virgin pulp
Safe to use for its intended purpose

This Paper Doesn’t Just Come in 6 Roll Packs

Also available: Hot Pink Single roll in shiny Pink Gift Box. Take a Look

What Other Colour Toilet Paper Is Available?

We have a variety of colours to suit your bathroom colour scheme.  Once you have your towels, bath mats, paint, soaps and candles, colour match your bathroom with one of our luxurious toilet tissue colours.

How Many Toilet Paper Colours Are Available?

We have NINE colours available to choose from. And all of them come with their own unique combinations including bulk buys, everyday 6 roll packs and unique Single Roll Gift Sets.

Disclaimer: Colours shown on screen may not represent the true colour of your toilet paper.

Hot Pink Toilet Paper Gift Set

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