Green and Black 3 roll Toilet Paper Set

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Black and Green Toilet Paper, available for a limited time only.

Green Toilet Paper with iconic Black Gift Set.  You will this love black and lime green gift set. This pack of luxury toilet paper is available for a limited time. Don’t leave your gift buying to the last minute. First come, first served.

Six roll packs of coloured toilet paper also available. We have many vibrant coloured toilet tissue to choose from. Enjoy the experience. We love every colour, we’re sure you will find your favorite too.

Own some of the ‘sexiest coloured toilet paper in Australia’ or be gracious and buy some for a special friend. A quaint extraordinary gift for Christmas, birthdays, house warming party and more. A gift that is not just gorgeous, but oh so useful too.

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Your 3 roll set will consist of Green and Black 3ply rolls of Renova toilet paper housed in a clear PVC gift box.

The product is colorfast!  This luxury toilet tissue has been tested under dermatological and gynecological control, no dye will bleed onto your skin and is 100% Virgin Pulp. Renova toilet tissue is biodegradable, recyclable and lightly scented. This toilet paper is safe to use for its intended purpose. Do not use it on textiles.

The best toilet paper in the business

This is a luxury brand from Renova, known worldwide for producing outstanding colored bathroom toilet tissue paper that enhances a youthful creativity in the smallest room in your home.

Buy an interesting custom box of toilet paper, 6 packs in all.

Disclaimer: Colours shown on screen may not represent the true colour of your toilet paper.


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