Black Toilet Paper 3roll Gift Set

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3 Rolls of black toilet paper housed in a clear PVC Gift Box

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Black Toilet Paper Gift Set

Luxury black toilet paper for use in your bathroom every day of the week. You have the opportunity to colour up your bathroom decor with this 3ply gorgeous black toilet tissue look guaranteed to elevate your bathroom to a new standard with a touch of the modern look.

Manufactured under high controls. The black toilet paper is exceptional quality.

Bathroom tissue tested under dermatological and gynecological control. It is colorfast when its used for its intended purpose. This means your bum will not be black!

This toilet paper should not be in contact with textiles when wet.

This is an effective colour for an elegant ‘out of the ordinary’ bathroom.

Want the look? Use black for an elegant feel.

The best toilet paper in the business

This is a luxury brand from Renova, known worldwide for producing outstanding colored bathroom toilet tissue paper that enhances a youthful creativity in the smallest room in your home.

Want 6x Rolls?  Single 6 roll packs available

Your Gift Set consists of:

3x Rolls Black Toilet Paper housed in clear PVC Gift Box
Biodegradable and Recyclable
Lightly perfumed
Safe to use for its intended purpose

Disclaimer: Colours shown on screen may not represent the true colour of your toilet paper.

This toilet paper has been specifically designed by Renova.  This is a ‘one of a kind’ product unique and modern. Learn more

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