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Block Win Shay and DeanBlock-Winners-4x6-LpswSHAY AND DEAN are the WINNERS of The Block 2015.

Thank you Shay and Dean for having the confidence to roll with Renova Black toilet paper. You achieved the “most expensive” bathroom on the block and now you are crowned champions of The Blocktagon

CONGRATULATIONS SHAY AND DEAN you wiped the other contestants out. Well done!

Dean and Shay’s top-level terrace earned the most profit, selling for a huge $2.3 million – $655,000 above its reserve of $1.645 million.  The high school sweethearts will pocket that profit plus another $100,000 for winning.

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Renova Australia makes it onto 4GR Radio’s Brekky Show with Lizzie and Lee



Banner-the-blockThey WIN again and we are right behind them!

Dean and Shay’s winning guest bedroom and en suite – The Block 2015 

Shay and Dean have made their presence known in The Block Triple Threat, winning for the second week in a row with their stand-out rooms.



MAY 2015

ballina_rugby_club_logo-koccx9frv6yjvjxh0i2_t300Seahorse Rugby Union Club Inc ~ Ballina 

Sixth Scent shared some news with us.

Seahorse Rugby Union Club fans flocked to the club on the 16th May 2015 to support the Breast Cancer fundraising day. Pink toilet paper was the order of the day. Luxury Pink toilet tissue was made ready for dispatch to Ballina New South Wales for this crucial cause.  It seems that fun was had by all on the day, heaps of money was raised and the pink toilet paper was a hit!

Thank you to Sixth Scent for sharing this news and images with us.


APRIL 2015

Renova Australia orange toilet paper reaches new heights by rolling to Mt Everest April 2015

Renova Australia orange toilet paper reaches new heights by rolling to Mt Everest April 2015

RENOVA reaches new heights

5364 meters (17,598ft) Mt Everest Base Camp – Nepal – 10 April 2015

When you think Everest, you don’t think toilet paper, yet carrying a roll of 3ply luxury toilet tissue in our backpack up 5364 meters (17,598ft) became a tease we never imagined.

We never thought anything of the suggestion to represent Renova Australia by taking a Renova coloured toilet tissue roll with us on our trek to Mt Everest base camp in Nepal. In fact, it became quite a joke because we were so pushed for space in our luggage and making room for a toilet roll seemed a little over the top, but we did it.

We underestimated the challenges we would experience along the way to base camp, especially the lack of decent toilet paper. We were very lucky to get 1ply, yet here we were carrying one of the world’s most luxurious rolls of 3ply toilet paper on our backs and every time the bright prayer flags came into view along the way, Liam and I would look at each other and laugh thinking of our orange roll that was snugly climbing along with us tempting us every time we thought of the loo.  At one stop, we were so desperate for soft toilet paper, we even took the orange roll out and contemplated using it, looking at it longingly, just a few sheets wouldn’t go amiss we thought.

Finally after a grueling climb we reached Mt Everest Base Camp and celebrated our achievement with a picture of the toilet roll that had gone the distance and kept us company for so many days. Yes! At last we could enjoy the luxury of 3ply, soft, scented coloured toilet paper in a place so remote and beautiful with it’s towering peaks that it seemed we were living a fantasy.

The whole group cheered when they saw our orange roll and pleaded for some sheets to take with them on their journey back down to Lukla.  Like all good trekkers, we shared our roll with new friends.

Engagement-600x400-ps-wThank you Renova Australia, Pam Haughey for giving us the enjoyment of 3ply at 17,598ft on Mt Everest April 2015.

Why did we choose to take Renova Orange?  Liam and I are avid animal lovers and orange represents the prevention of cruelty to animals.

PS. We got engaged at Base Camp and look forward to including Renova at our wedding.

Morgyn and Liam

From Renova Europe

May you always remember the love shared on this special day. Renova team wishes you a lifetime of colourful love!

From Renova Australia

Thank you Morgyn and Liam for sharing your special love with us. May your future be filled with colourful passion.

THE BLOCK : Triple Threat

The Tenth season is on us and coloured toilet paper is once again featuring in this season.

WATCH OUT BLOCKHEADS to see what colours you can spot.

TP-Red-Label-all-rolls-psw-400Darren and Deanne Jolly from former The Block: Glasshouse are back to challenge former fan favourites Bec and George Douros and Perth’s Kim Owen and Matt Di Costa for one spot for returning players in the 2015 competition. Six teams of new players will contest a number of challenges, before being whittled down to a final three, who will then go on to renovate an apartment block in South Yarra, with the surviving fan favourite couple

Former contestant Dan Reilly also returned from seasons 5 and 6, but this time as apprentice foreman, or ‘foreboy’ under Keith Schleiger. He was a qualified carpenter, and became a qualified builder before he applied for the role. He was also brought in to ease the workload on Keith Schleiger, who was reported to be sick and exhausted by the end of the last series

TOP TIPS for getting your home ready for sale

Romantic-satin-solid-color-cotton-bed-two-color-100-four-piece-set-bed-sheets-fitted-style copyIt is an exciting time when a new home is in your sight, however getting you much loved home ready for sale can be really daunting. One of the key mistakes people make when they put their home on the market is, they keep the clutter.

Clutter  If your home is cluttered, pack some of the items away, or have a garage sale and get rid of some of the less important ornaments and odds and ends. You will feel your home lighten up as space is made. The whole ambience of your home will change and you will walk with a lighter tread.

First impressions count so it is really very important that you detach yourself from all your personal links to your home and stand outside your gate as though you were a prospective buyer.  Look at your home critically, is there light, is it neat and tidy, is it clean, does it look good, is it inviting you in and when you step inside the front door, does it smell fresh and clean?  These are simple questions and can make all the difference to the prospective buyers visiting your home.  Remember, they will make comparisons with homes they have already or will be visiting.

Light A light airy home is what buyers cite as important aspects of searching for their new home. If you have curtains, take them down and give them a good clean. Make sure all your light bulbs are working and your lamp shades are bright and clean. Remove some bushes in the garden if they are around your windows and let the sun shine through. A cheery home is a happy home and happy homes are more saleable.

The-Block-winning-bathroom-pswBathroom Decor  If you have a snazzy bathroom, with gorgeous towels and bathmats, then include a coloured toilet roll in your loo to add that extra touch of class.  Women love bathrooms, it is a very personal room and with inexpensive but beautiful bathroom accessories, you cannot lose.

Pet lovers  You love your dog and cat, but the prospective owners may not be animal fans.  Be kind to your pets and move them away from home for the day when your home is being inspected. Nobody wants to see a bowl with dog food in it, or smell a kitty litter box when they walk through your home.

Kit-roll-or-in-kit-400x400-web copyInexpensive Kitchen delights  Whether you have a modern kitchen or an older style, you can still make your kitchen feel top class by having select accessories on show for your new buyers.  Make sure your oven, bench tops, floor and tiles are absolutely spotless, that costs nothing to achieve, just some elbow grease. Then place some fresh fruit on the counter and have a delightful luxurious paper towel holder near your stove.  Choose a perfect paper towel roll to go inside your holder and ensure the colour is consistent with your kitchen decor colour scheme.  Give it some thought, play with ideas and you will be amazed at what can be achieved for very little outlay.