News | Orange Toilet Paper on Mt Everest

Climbing on Mt Everest means no toilet facilities! Orange toilet paper reached new heights when it became an important accessory for the climb of a lifetime.

APRIL 2015

Renova Australia’s orange toilet paper reaches new heights

5364 meters (17,598ft) Mt Everest Base Camp – Nepal – 10 April 2015

Mt Everest sees orange toilet paper for the first timeWhen you think Everest, you don’t think toilet paper, yet carrying a roll of 3ply luxury toilet tissue in our backpack up 5364 meters (17,598ft) became a tease we never imagined.

We never thought anything of the suggestion to represent Renova Australia by taking a Renova coloured toilet tissue roll with us on our trek to Mt Everest base camp in Nepal. In fact, it became quite a joke because we were so pushed for space in our luggage and making room for a toilet roll seemed a little over the top, but we did it.

We underestimated the challenges we would experience along the way to base camp, especially the lack of decent toilet paper. We were very lucky to get 1ply, yet here we were carrying one of the world’s most luxurious rolls of 3ply toilet paper on our backs and every time the bright prayer flags came into view along the way, Liam and I would look at each other and laugh thinking of our orange roll that was snugly climbing along with us tempting us every time we thought of the loo.  At one stop, we were so desperate for soft toilet paper, we even took the orange roll out and contemplated using it, looking at it longingly, just a few sheets wouldn’t go amiss we thought.

Finally after a grueling climb we reached Mt Everest Base Camp and celebrated our achievement with a picture of the toilet roll that had gone the distance and kept us company for so many days. Yes! At last we could enjoy the luxury of 3ply, soft, scented coloured toilet paper in a place so remote and beautiful with it’s towering peaks that it seemed we were living a fantasy.

The whole group cheered when they saw our orange roll and pleaded for some sheets to take with them on their journey back down to Lukla.  Like all good trekkers, we shared our roll with new friends.

Engagement-600x400-ps-wThank you Renova Australia, Pam Haughey for giving us the enjoyment of 3ply at 17,598ft on Mt Everest April 2015.

Why did we choose to take Renova Orange?  Liam and I are avid animal lovers and orange represents the prevention of cruelty to animals.

PS. We got engaged at Base Camp and look forward to including Renova at our wedding.

Morgyn and Liam

From Renova Europe

May you always remember the love shared on this special day. Renova team wishes you a lifetime of colourful love!

From Renova Australia

Thank you Morgyn and Liam for sharing your special love with us. May your future be filled with colourful passion.