How To Get Your Home Ready For Sale

Get your home market ready.

There definately are inexpensive ways to get your home market ready.

Inexpensive ways to deal with clutter, light, bathroom styling, pets and more.

  • De-Clutter!
  • Let the light in!
  • Jazz up your bathroom and guest loo with stylish colours
  • Clean and un-clutterd kitchens matter on Inspection and Sale Day
  • If you can, keep your pet away from the property on inspection day
get your home market ready

Welcome to the colour revolution

It doesn’t take much in the way of imagination or great expense to add stylish accessories to your home. Take the initiative, and make your home ready for potential new owners.

It is an exciting time when a new home is in your sight. However getting your much loved home ready for sale can be really daunting. One of the key mistakes people make when they put their home on the market is, they keep the clutter.

Clutter  If your home is cluttered, pack some of the items away. Ideally have a garage sale. Get rid of some of the less important ornaments and odds and ends for example. You will feel your home lighten up. Hence, you have space. The whole ambience of your home will change and you will walk with a lighter tread.

First impressions count so it is really very important that you detach yourself from all your personal links to your home and stand outside your gate as though you were a prospective buyer.  Look at your home critically, is there light, is it neat and tidy, is it clean, does it look good, is it inviting you in and when you step inside the front door, does it smell fresh and clean?  These are simple questions and can make all the difference to the prospective buyers visiting your home.  Remember, they will make comparisons with homes they have already or will be visiting.

Light A light airy home is what buyers cite as important aspects of searching for their new home. If you have curtains, take them down and give them a good clean. Make sure all your light bulbs are working and your lamp shades are bright and clean. Remove some bushes in the garden if they are around your windows and let the sun shine through. A cheery home is a happy home and happy homes are more saleable.

Bathroom Decor  If you have a snazzy bathroom, with gorgeous towels and bathmats, then include a coloured toilet roll in your loo to add that extra touch of class.  Women love bathrooms, it is a very personal room and with inexpensive but beautiful bathroom accessories, you cannot lose.

Pet lovers  You love your dog and cat, but the prospective owners may not be animal fans.  Be kind to your pets and move them away from home for the day when your home is being inspected. Nobody wants to see a bowl with dog food in it, or smell a kitty litter box when they walk through your home.

Kitchen DecorInexpensive Kitchen delights  Whether you have a modern kitchen or an older style, you can still make your kitchen feel top class by having select accessories on show for your new buyers.  Make sure your oven, bench tops, floor and tiles are absolutely spotless, that costs nothing to achieve, just some elbow grease. Then place some fresh fruit on the counter and have a delightful luxurious paper towel holder near your stove.  Choose a perfect paper towel roll to go inside your holder and ensure the colour is consistent with your kitchen decor colour scheme.  Give it some thought, play with ideas and you will be amazed at what can be achieved for very little outlay.