Renova Toilet Paper, you can’t get better than this luxury brand of designer coloured toilet paper.

FAQ is Renova Toilet Paper Safe?

FAQ Is Renova Toilet paper safeAre you wondering if Renova toilet paper is safe to use and flush down your toilet?

We have covered the most sensitive of questions regarding this brand of toilet tissue and according to Renova HQ the paper is safe if used for its intended purpose.

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Q:  How safe is the Renova toilet paper to flush down my toilet?

A:  Renova is safe for sewers and septic systems as long as the septic system is properly sized and maintained in accordance with its manufacturer’s specifications.

Q:  Are the dyes safe to use?

A:  The dyes are direct and synthetic, fit for dermatological contact and the additives are compliant with the directive 2002/61/EC.  Certified tolerance tested under dermatological and gynecological controls and BfR tested and certified by ISEGA (Independent Testing Institute)

RENOVA toilet paper has been tested under dermatological and gynecological control. RENOVA has a complaint free record since the launch of our Black Label line in 2005. RENOVA took a voluntary commitment to restrict the use of raw materials in order to preserve the environment and to safeguard the health and safety of its consumers.

Q:  Are Renova products recyclable?

A:  Yes entirely recyclable and 100% biodegradable too.

Q:  How is the toilet paper scented?

A:  The scent is applied onto the core of the roll and not directly onto the paper

Q:  What does “Colourfast” mean?

A:  Colourfast means that the product will not lose its colour, no dye will migrate onto the body of the user even in wet conditions.

Q: Are the Renova kitchen towels safe for food contact?

For its intended use, our napkins and kitchen towels may come into direct contact with foodstuffs as well as with the human skin and the mucous membranes. They may stand in direct contact with dry, moisture and fatty foodstuffs.

Q: Is it safe to flush kitchen paper towels or pocket tissues down the toilet?

NO! Always discard kitchen towels and pocket tissues in the trash not the toilet!