Custom Printed Toilet Paper

Get Noticed! Now’s your opportunity to Design your own custom printed toilet paper. Is Your Boss On A Roll? Have a laugh with your face on the front of a toilet roll.

Custom printed toilet paper is an exceptional opportunity for an advertising campaign that places your message right in front of you chosen audience. They won’t look away! If anything, they will pull off a sheet to take away with them to share with family and friends.

Are you going to be a bride soon or having an anniversary? Are you going to be a bride soon or having an anniversary? Thank you guests with uniquely designed custom toilet paper in the restroom. Recognize that your friends, guests and family will love a laugh by placing an image or text onto your toilet paper.

We give NEW LIFE to advertising

Someone May Even Steal A Roll but what do you care, you’ve achieved what you wanted to now let the thief advertise for you!

Bulk Order Custom Printed Toilet Paper?

MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 50 rolls

  • Approximate Price 50x Rolls:  $12.00 per roll
  • Approximate Price 100x Rolls: $11.50/roll
  • Average Price 200x Rolls: $11.00/roll
  • Print Set Up Cost: Depends on requirement average for 1x artwork is $180.00 per colour
  • Postage: Varies according to quantity.
  • Lead Time Small Orders (50 rolls) : Approximately 10 – 15 days (sometimes less) after payment is received.
  • Lead Time large orders: Approximately 15 days to 3 weeks depending on factory schedules.
  • 100x rolls per carton
  • Carton Size: 50cm x 50cm x 42cm
  • Prices exclude GST and shipping
JUST THINK … Has There Ever Been A More Favourable Position To Advertise On?

Swim Between The Flags Toilet Paper

Advertising on toilet paper can send many messages to the public.

One very important message would be to ensure foreigners understand that they must swim between the flags when going to the beach.

One simple roll that doesn’t need to be interpreted into another language.

Small Quantity Gimmick Toilet Rolls

MOQ is 1x Roll

Order toilet paper with your design on the front if you require a few rolls for fun.  Your image will only be seen once on the front of the roll and will NOT run through the roll. The toilet paper sheet with the image must be removed before the roll is used for its intended purpose.  Please note that you will not receive a professional print, this is merely your custom image placed on a toilet roll.

1. Send us your inquiry/order requirements by filling in the contact form below.

2. We will email you a response.

3. We will require a good quality image from you.

  • Cost per roll $16.00 excl GST and shipping
  • Set-up charge $5.00/design
  • Lead time 1 – 3 days
  • Courier Postage between 2 and 10 days depending where you are situated in Australia.


Custom printed toilet paperCustom print toilet paper

Custom Toilet Paper

Exceptional Advertising Space

Target Your Audience

Your Very Own Design

Everyone Will Be Talking About You!

Custom design you own toilet paper