Custom Designed Toilet Paper

Custom designed toilet paper offers everyone an open opportunity to print what they want on their toilet paper. This is an exceptional opportunity for an advertising campaign because it places your message in front of you chosen audience. They won’t look away, in fact if anything they will pull off a sheet to take with them.

Another ideal opportunity is for a bride and groom to thank their guest for coming to their wedding, or to put a funky message on their bridal toilet paper.

There are so many ideas and choices when you can print your own toilet paper message.

Custom design you own toilet paper





Be Seen Where It Counts!

Exceptional Advertising Space

Target Your Audience

Your Very Own Design

Everyone Will Be Talking About You!

Custom Toilet Paper


Someone May Even Steal A Roll but what do you care, you’ve achieved what you wanted to now let the thief advertise for you!

We give NEW LIFE to advertising


JUST THINK … Has There Ever Been A More Favourable Position To Advertise In?

Swim Between The Flags Toilet Paper

Advertising on toilet paper can send many messages to the public. One very important message would be to ensure foreigners understood that they must swim between the flags when going to the beach.

One simple roll that doesn’t need to be interpreted into another language.


How Do You Get Custom Printed Toilet Paper?

  1. MOQ is 50 rolls (contact us if you want less than 50 rolls)
  2. Average Price:  $8.50 to $10.00 per roll (excluding shipping) PLUS
  3. Set Up Cost: US$ $120.00 per colour (maximum 4 colours) PLUS
  4. Postage: Price Varies according to quantity
  5. Photo image of sample supplied
  6. Lead Time: Approximately 10 – 15 days (sometimes less) after payment is received (provided photo image of sample accepted)
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