Article | Re-energize Your Bedroom Style



Modern research has shown a correlation between colour and mood: when our eyes connect with a certain

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colour, our brains release different chemicals that impact us on a physical and emotional level. The bedroom should be a space that reflects your mood (hopefully it’s a happy mood!) and just like the satisfying feeling of sleeping in fresh sheets, you’ll feel re-energized and content whenever you change up Renova Toilet Paperyour bedding décor!

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If you’re stuck on how to freshen up your bedroom style; start planning with a colour palette. Don’t worry if you’re not feeling confident matching complimentary colours – it’s a trend at the moment to work in “colour families”. Simply choose a couple of colours and work with the various hues within each of these colour themes. For example: a blue theme could include cobalt, turquoise, delft and navy. An orange theme could include corals, tangerines, peach and grapefruit tones.