Article High Rollers and Black

Can toilet paper make it as an object of design?

Renova Black rolled out at New York hot spots such as Frederick’s Bar and Lounge and La Esquina about 10 years ago.

Renova black has been in Australia for some 5 years now and rules the show.

Black was an intuitive choice for toilet paper because it signals “avant-garde creative work”. “In a design sense, black means irreverence, maybe touching a bit on the core nature of art, which is to break rules and set new ones. Culturally, deep down, Renova Black invites people to break down whatever might be limiting as common sense ideas.”

A product?

An object?

A communication tool?

This product is not “solely a product, an object or a communication tool”, but some heady combination of all three. Stock your bathroom with Renova Black at your next party and see if your guests tend to pinch the rolls.