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Black toilet paper that’s silky soft, recyclable, biodegradable and tested at Renova HQ as safe to use for its intended purpose. Harness the power of colour phychology, coloured toilet paper is at your fingertips and is more than just a household necessity, it has become a designer accessory, just ask The Block if you don’t believe us. Own products from the company that does it differently and offers you unconventional merchandise. After all, it is knows as the sexiest paper in the world.

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2018 Spring/Summer Colours

Orange Halloween Toilet PaperPumpkin Orange ticks all the boxes for Summer 2018 with its warm glow drawing attention to a stylish bathroom. Heavily linked to Halloween orange will even bring a cartoonish trend to your home during October. Grab everyone’s attention with this modern colour.

Black Toilet Paper designer ensuite by Norm and Jess on The Block

It’s Black and it’s for sale!  Buy the Renova iconic black toilet tissue for your bathroom.

This year it’s all about accessorizing. With so many colours to choose from, your bathroom can be splendid all year round. So switch it up, change your toilet tissue colours for a whole new appeal. Renova Rolls with Royalty.

Luxurious black toilet paper to bathe your bathroom in or extend your inspiration to include 2018’s purple colour scheme ultimately creating a sensual, totally outrageous fusion of style.

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Purple Toilet Paper 3 Ply luxury
Biodegradable and Recyclable
Bathroom Tissue tested under dermatological control
Safe to use for its intended purpose

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Be adventurous! Boast the latest trend in your bathroom. Luxury Purple Toilet Tissue is vibrant, attention grabbing and is an accommodating colour that combines well with the decor selection in 2018.  LOVE THIS COLOUR!  It’s a fabulous choice for your bathroom and evokes creativity, mindfulness and confidence. Get set for the purple infusion.

Did you know that gorgeous green is suited to almost every room in your home. It’s calming effect is believed to aid in relieving stress, thus it is an awesome colour for relaxation time in your green bathroom.

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