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Renova Toilet Paper … a simple solution to making a statement in your bathroom

There is a freedom of choice in the toilet paper industry, not just ply/quality but colour as well. After all, these colours turn a bathroom into a fashion of luxurious art. Choose your accessories wisely and roll from ordinary to extraordinary.

Toilet Paper colours you can’t get enough of.

Toilet paper tested under dermatological control.
Safe to use for its intended purpose.

‘Must have’ colours for every season!

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Best toilet paper options in Australia

(written buy Better Homes and Gardens)

Renova ultra-soft 3-ply toilet paper

In 2006, the New York Times called Renova’s black toilet paper the “season’s must-have”. More than a decade later, the coloured toilet paper is still on the market. Inspired by avant-garde art, the pretty sheets blend seamlessly with the designs of high-end bathrooms. But it’s not all about aesthetics – the ultimate luxury item is soft and absorbent, too.


Sexy Black toilet tissue, a simple solution to achieving the ultimate bathroom. Toilet paper colours you never thought possible. Elevate your bathroom styling to include Renova Toilet Paper. Prepare for the reaction. Head to our shop for the bathroom inspiration gallery. A trusted brand of quality.

Using Colour Contrasts for Dementia and Alzheimer Patients in Australia

The Vincent Court Aged Care Facility in New South Wales has chosen to use our Red Toilet Paper to assist their patient who is suffering with dementia.

The Bright Focus Foundation suggests using contrasting colours in the bathroom to help dementia patients to see objects.

Ovarian Cancer Australia Fundraiser

Ovarian Cancer Australia We are proud to be participating in the Christmas fundraiser event creating awareness within the community of early symptoms of ovarian cancer. Find out more about the risks of ovarian cancer.