Toilet Paper Specifications

  • 3 Ply soft luxury
  • Biodegradable and Recyclable
  • Safe to use for its intended purpose
  • Dermatological tested
  • Light Fragrance
  • Unsafe for septic tanks
  • FAQ

Gift Sets

Renova Black Single Roll Gift Set

A Single Roll in Luxury Glossy Gift Box

A Gift so unique it will never be forgotten. Most gift boxes are colour coded to match the toilet paper.

6 Roll Packs

Renova colored toilet paper 6 roll packs for sale in Australia

Six Roll Toilet Paper Packs

6 Identical rolls housed as one pack or choose the advantage of Bulk Buying to own 6x packs or more.

Inspiration is the key!

Some quirky ideas from our clients

Let us know the unique ways you have used our Toilet Paper to boost awareness

Pink toilet paper 3ply


A wedding to beat all weddings. Colour code your reception and wedding decor with matching toilet paper.

Queensland School using toilet paper to raise funds


This school used our innovative products to raise funds for much needed toilet facilities in poorer countries.

Orange Toilet Paper Mt Everest


Why take white when you can take your fav colour toilet paper with you to Mount Everest base camp.

Reece bathrooms gifting Renova Toilet Paper to clients

A Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Reece Bathrooms suprise clients with unusual Xmas Gift

Green toilet paper

Bond Busters boost their advertising

Corporate cleaning company uses Renova toilet paper to create attention.

Bourne Bathroom Co

It takes a special someone to use a very different product to get attention.

Renova black toilet paper lands on the Block TV show


Of course our iconic black toilet paper showed up in the most expensive bathroom reveal!

Photoshoot of the Renova sexiest paper on earth

Sexy Toilet Paper Photoshoot

No challenge when Renova Toilet paper requires a sexy photoshoot

Pink Toilet paper used to raise funds for Breast Cancer

Cancer Awareness Girls Night In

Hot Pink Toilet Paper takes center stage at this ‘girls night in”

Did You Know?

Vibrant Renova toilet paper colours

Help is at hand for Dementia Patients

Use colour contrasts for Dementia patients

The Vincent Court Aged Care Facility in NSW uses Renova coloured toilet paper to assist patients suffering from dementia. The Bright Focus Foundation suggests using contrasting colours in the bathroom to help dementia patients see objects better.

Ovarian Cancer Australia Fundraiser

Renova Australia is proud to have participated in the Christmas Fundraiser event. This event created awareness within the community of earlt symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Find Out More About the Risks Of Ovarian Cancer

We are the home the Sexiest Paper on Earth. We trust you will enjoy your time with us.